Essential tools for the home repair


To make the good repair of your house, the suitable materials and tools are essential for the best result. Therefore, you should learn the basic repair tools to choose the right ones before beginning the home renovation.

Marking and measuring tools

These tools are important since they support the accurate measurement of your home repair work. Hence, you will remove the supposition and build up the habit of exactitude as doing every job.

There are five essential tools of the marking and measuring type, including the stud finder, chalk line, level, square, and tape measure.

  •  The important and common tool in your house is tape measure because it supplies the efficient trip in centimeters and inches with the exact estimates for the extent in space, including length, width, and height.
  • Square is used for right angles and straight edges.
  • The level helps to keep something exactly vertical and horizontal.
  • Chalk line including a force drawing of chalk and a determination of string has the function of the instant direct line.
  • The stud finder is the big help for indicating the length of studs.


We use saws for cutting many materials like plastics, metal, or wood with the very sharp knives. The knife is efficient to cut the object into several pieces even though it’s thick and requires different compositions. Saws are designed to two main types: handy saws and powerful saws.

  • Powerful saws make the cut marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail. Moreover, it’s remarkably sufficient for the firm materials, such as masonry or metal that handy saws are not able to make the great cut.
  • Handy saws are used with the manual direction and power.

You can choose the saw following the accuracy and convenient use. But if you want to save time and effort, it’s better to use the powerful saw. It supports the accuracy and is very easy to use and cut anything.


drill-driver-w209wh_img_1418Drills have many types for the professional use, but the main kinds are handy drills and powerful drills. They have the same function that is making a hole of something, such as the wall or the layouts of the cabinet. A drill controls a chuck to cause a bit by moving in a circle around a fasten place depending on the bit’s size. With this tool, it’s available to produce a hole ranging from a quarter inch to 6 inches of the diameter.

Handy tools and electronic tools

Handy tools have the basic functions and enable the portability while electric tools make practical and efficient of repair work. Some power tools that are beneficial for the home improvement:

  • Voltage tester can checking for the electric flow and the active contact.
  • Continuity tester can know the electric components.
  • VOM can show the active circuit and its electric measurement.
  • Compressed air is used for keeping the area clean and releasing particles.
  • Electric contact cleaner can clean the oil and dirt in components.

Plumbing tools

Plumbing tools include a variety of types and functions but the suitable ones for the home repair are plumbing aids and pipe wrench.

  • A wrench is used for the popular needs as keeping the firm holds or releasing the pipes.
  • Plumbing aids are efficient for repair work with the plumbing augers or plumbing snakes.

Paint tools

Painting includes a variety of types you need for coating the house:

  •  Paint rollers and brushes are used for the surface that is flat and large
  • Sprayers are the best paint tool because it provides the large paint area in the very short time but it’s hard to use.

You should pay attention to the kinds of materials, the area of projects, and your time for the work when you purchase the paint tools to have the best result.


Certainly you get familiar with this material since it’s popular and important in life as well asBo co le vong mieng-18214-TV-1821-1526-L in the repair projects. There are some types of fasteners:

  • Nail: it’s easy to make the firm hold between two boards of wood.
  • Screw: it’s more powerful than the nail and is easier in releasing.
  • Bolt: it has the strong security because of the additional washers and nuts.

Clamp: it provides the connection between two things in a short time

Glue: it is the chemical liquid that connect the two surfaces like the assistant.

The suitable materials and tools are the big help for repairing the house so you should add the essential ones into your tool box. If you have a long time of experience, you can use these tools in the best efficient way. Gain the new tips  regularly to improve the house’s beauty and value in the longer durability.



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