How to decorate your dining room with tablecloths?

With lots of delicate embroideries on the soft cotton, the tablecloths are now very popular towards individuals since they can be used as a gift for special occasion. Especially, home decorations such as the tablecloths, doilies embroidered cups and utensils dish can help add more exquisite and luxury to your homes.

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By utilizing the sewing machines for beginners, homeowners can wove images with reflect the spirit of homeland for their tablecloths through beautiful scenes, flowers and people who live in this country.In term of size, things such as tablecloths and doilies embroidered cups are quite diverse to meet the needs of individuals.

In fact, the daily meal will become more romantic and cozy when it is decorated with the dining tablecloth. However, to decorate your table in the proper method, you need to have certain knowledge. So how decorate the dinner table in the correct form? This article will show you how to utilize tablecloth for decorating the house.

Suitable materials for the tablecloth


Try to choose the tablecloth which is clean and straight so that individuals can flatten it on the table easily. And don’t forget to pick tablecloth which has its patterns matched shades of drinks and food available. Avoid using these motifs in bold colors or have lots of patterns for the cloth.

  • White tablecloth brings a touch of elegance and lightness throughout the meal
  • For couples who are in love,red is the symbol of love which helps bring warmth and romance during the meals as well
  • Therefore, it is suggested that homeowners should pick up the gentle tones. However, elegant red color for tablecloths is the only exception for bringing a different feel.

Select a central focal point on the table

Focus point on the table center plays an important part in the way for decorating items. Individuals can consider to place a vase with colorful flowers on white tablecloth. Remember that the vase should not be placed too high to avoid the limitation of visibility when two people are facing each other

On the other hand, when putting in this problem, it creates a feeling of discomfort for people during the meals. In some cases, scattered rose petals on the table is a good idea to add more romance.

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Use decorative candles for table

Use candles instead of lights will make your space become closer and friendlier. For instance, candlelight in gold combined with the use of the yellow theme will make your meals more wonderful.

To add more romantic for your dinner, set the tree around at the central point on the table. Always select the color of candles opposed tablecloths, for example, candle color for white towel. In particular, odorless candles would be preferable by most homeowners since they not affect the taste of each dish, choose the smell of candles attention, there are people who are allergic to the smell of candles.

Arrange food reasonably and scientifically

If you want to hold a romantic dinner for your partner, choose snacks which fit on the plate and put a rose beside to surprise the partner. You should pay attention to create the harmony for all parts on the table. It does not matter whether your dishes are delicious or not, place them in the correct position will add more benefits.

Individuals should pay attention to every process during the setting time for your dining table. One important thing is that the food should match with the type of wine. For instance, never use red champagne when tasting seafood.


When mentioning about the tablecloth, most people will think of the white, clean and fragrant piece of tablecloth. Fortunately, it is true that the white table-cloth must always be kept clean so that will make homeowners feel more secure and comfortable when using their meals.

However, not only the new white can bring a great feeling for you and the members of the family. There are more patterns and styles people can consider including:

Plaid or checkered tablecloths

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If you are the active person and love bright colors, choose yellow tablecloth with plaid or checkered patterns brings a sense of youthfulness for your dining room. You can spread the cloth on the yellow set of table.

Polka dots tablecloths

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Polka dot motifs not only make your outfit lovelier, but now it is also utilized in the tablecloths and cups. Besides the classic black and white color, there is a wide range of colors which can be combined together to create extraordinary visual effects

Pink tablecloths


The tablecloth with a pinkish hue brings a sense of elegance for your meals. To illustrate, made of polyester cotton blended material with scalloped borders delicate, this tablecloth looks simple but very suitable for the dining table with elegant curved shape. With a pink tablecloth, it will make your home more gentle and cozy.

Materials of your tablecloths

When choosing tablecloths, besides the color, texture, pattern, you still need to pay attention to the material as well. Coarse and think fabrics are the best choices because it offers the waterproof features and disproportion during the using time.

In addition, you should also avoid placing the tablecloth under the pieces of glass on the table. As a result, this will reduce the beauty of the tablecloths as well as the design of your table.

Among other decorations, tablecloths have become popular towards homeowners. It can be used for decorating your dining area to make it fresher and even more romantic. However, it is important to understand the way for combining the tablecloths with other elements in your dining table as well.

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